Be vigilant for those
ready to snatch you
off of imaginary shelves
tear open your delicate wrapping
Crudely, Blindly, Savagely
sneaking hungry bites
without concern
for the dreadful display
They’ll take their fill
then shove you back
into a mishandled box
to which you never belonged
Scotch tape and spit
will hold you back together
long enough to silently slide you
onto a cold sterile shelf
among the other discarded
bewildered, misfit boxes:
the sign will say
You’re stale now and
desperate fingers that clamor
for your unglamorous cheap price
won’t notice the bitter taste in you
They’ll be thinking about the
next used, unamused, abused box
they want to sink their teeth into
And the next bargain, hunted
that awaits unknowingly, lovingly

Copyright © 2019 Kissing The Cockroach® All Rights Reserved.

~ by Kissing The Cockroach® on August 21, 2018.

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