Painting a Colorful Happy Turd: Part 3

I finished it. Then hated it. Then told myself I could not change it. Too late, girlfriend. You have to stick with what you chose. It started to dry. My back hurt. I kept looking at it. I did not like it. “You can correct your mistakes.” That is all I heard swirling in my head. I don’t know how to do that. Why am I allowed? It doesn’t feel right. But look what you’ve done now. There were too many colors. It was too dark. I got off track from my main purple, blue and green. SCRAPE IT, MAMACITA. Come on Cockroach, scrape the paint off. But I’m done. You can fix your mistakes. I can? You can start it all over. I can? You can have a second chance. I can? You can take what you’ve learned and grow stronger. I can? You can make it a flower or a star. I can? You can make it anything you dream. Can I?

Paint it tomorrow. No now. Come on Cockroach, scrape the paint off.

I scraped the paint off and started over. Took the pinks and greens and yellows and oranges out that, when over-painted, over analyzed, over-corrected, had started to turn themselves into the color of…..A TURD.

It was a weird feeling.


Rebuild. Lighter touch. More whimsical. Dance on it. Tip toe across it. Repaint your life. Twirl around it. Let it be its imperfect, messy, disorganized and silly self. Let it TWIRL.

And whoooooooooosh!

The Colorful Happy Turd is done….for now.


The  Imperfect Cockroach

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~ by Kissing The Cockroach® on May 17, 2012.

6 Responses to “Painting a Colorful Happy Turd: Part 3”

  1. Nice!!!! I lovvvved it!!!!!! Being imperfect confirms that we are ALIVE!!!

  2. the prettiest turd I ever saw

  3. You took a turd and made it beautiful. Now, next ugly project should be the sphincter muscle. ♥

  4. I love it! Keep writing and keep painting my friend!

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