~*~*~*Angel Dust*~*~*~

“Pati’s Heart” in acrylic with glitter….it’s too bad I couldn’t seem to capture a photo that catches all the sparkles. Tonight while we were making dinner my boyfriend asked, very sternly, “Why do I keep finding glitter everywhere?” I don’t think I will ever stop smiling inside….I am glitter. I shine and show up when you least expect me. **KISS**

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~ by Kissing The Cockroach® on March 31, 2012.

13 Responses to “~*~*~*Angel Dust*~*~*~”

  1. Wow! Your art reminds me of mine. I love glitter too. This just brightened my day when I came across it just now.

  2. Yeah- I know… It sucks not to be able to capture sparkles and metallic media successfully in photographs. I can see your angel dust in my mind’s eye! 😉 Nice piece. Acrylic?

  3. Pati Hearts the Glitter Queen…and all the glitter. Already found a place of honor on my desk. ILY

  4. You are glitter!! I find glitter from you all over my apartment and job and car 😉

  5. Did you create that? It’s beautiful! I’ve found that painting is a really useful tool in my recovery.

  6. Amazing!!!! Have you always been an artist??

    • NO. Quite the opposite! I took 2 painting classes in 2007 and 2008, and quit them both. This year I made a promise to “start” writing and painting by Valentine’s day. No matter what it was, even just a blob of paint on a canvas. I am not taking little art classes with kids under ten! Scariest thing I have ever (allowed myself) to do…same goes for starting this blog.

  7. I love the glitter!

  8. I was looking at the sun catching a bead on an ornament I have in my living room yesterday thinking how much I just ❤ shiny things. A lot of my make-up has glitzy stuff in it and my husband always ends up "wearing" glitter.
    This is beautiful I love it.

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