I work As your slave Forever is Never enough You ride on my heels With each revolution The sweat on my back It’s cold in your embrace Am I running a race On this hamster wheel Going nowhere I run until my feet Go numb Looking over my shoulder Hoping to see you Watching me And that you approve Of my pedaling To nowhere…Yet…You save me With each breath My heart opens to A new depth I pray And scratch my way back In my mind I dance So true I can feel the music Dusty books Scanned by anxious eyes It’s been so long I’m paralyzed A baby step Is a thousand miles My enemy I’ve become Your child

The Cockroach

Copyright © 2018 Kissing The Cockroach All Rights Reserved.

~ by Kissing The Cockroach® on February 28, 2012.

4 Responses to “Ex$rcise”

  1. no commas, no stops, no lines, no paragraphs, there’s nothing but words, yet is something.

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