Moon Rises in Dark

Moon rises in dark

the light that shines
even though my heart brines
into the darkness we call light
day quickly turns into night
what can you call
that glorious fall
how can you cover me
with this evil shawl
stand up and stare
is anyone there
discovering brilliantly
and deceivingly
how your cowardly magical
stalls, appalls
lamenting brawls with
never-ending studious thought
chained by this incredibly
wrought iron
heavy ass cross
you made me bear
can anyone understand
the plan that skitters
across the mind of
the insane
my disdain
so easily disrupted
the thoughts steamily swirling
like a flame
the mundane for disorder
inhumane destruction
devalued by the fame
induction into the life
powerful, violence
family in strife
i’ve tumbled carelessly into
this thing called dark
so easily, light sparkles
carelessly hits the mark
weaving its way into
my fucking heart
I swear I ended it
how did this start
losing the power to
filled my life with things
staring briefly back into the hole
i’m seeing all the things
that you stole
shoving me blindly and deeply
inside your self
how did you ever
find yourself so clever
as to rape my soul
make me your goal
take me under your
powerless fiendish wings
your hate has taken its toll
i, the little girl, sing, am i okay
waiting patiently for your sign
am i enough today?
i’m fine
how unbelievably un-fine
can a girl be
when you stare at me
blankly, stupidly
this was such a waste of my time
moon, come show me
how to shine
the her-story of mine
has taken her sweet time
please let me brine anew
it’s you i cannot totally
ignore, do you have any idea
what’s in store…
totally affixed, deranged and a-miss
and the moon rises,
making her, the miss
life, love, things she keeps
speaks of the silence
scared of moon’s speak
his dark
ignore my parts
show me moon
how you rise though your dark
how are you suddenly there
unabashedly showing your mark
and the moon suddenly rises
showing its spine
how our lives intertwined
cowering weakly behind
the empty mind
that is mine….
never mistaken
for the lost soul
have you gotten
your goal
my insides asking you
does this console
your inner most
self assurance
bastard you took too much
can you see violence
when your soul
The moon shines brightly
aware of
recklessness and
shining even though you thought to
run and prove your
prowess…humble thoughts
abate your heavy hiding
fear of abandonment
The moon will shine
brightly, erase your hesitation
it keeps shining brightly
despite your repress……
The scary part is
i love you
no less.

Copyright © 2019 Kissing The Cockroach® All Rights Reserved.

~ by Kissing The Cockroach® on February 22, 2012.

3 Responses to “Moon Rises in Dark”

  1. This is amazing. I’m so glad you’re in the world and writing. So much love to you, xoxo

  2. very good poem .

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